What is “Up”?

“Up” is the direction that you look when you fall on the ground. It’s the direction of introspection after an accident. It’s where you look for rain even though there may not be a cloud in the sky. Up is the only place you can go after you’ve been in the gutter — unless you give up. Then, up becomes down.

I’ve been knocked flat on my back so many times that I’ve lost count. I have lost mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles in a short two year span. I have had to count pennies for gas. I have been at the lowest places because of my own choices. But I have always looked up. Because above all, my hope comes from Up there, somewhere.

You’ve seen people that are exceptionally optimistic, and I would definitely categorize myself as the 1 % of people in the world who believe that everyone can change for the better. So, forgive me if I believe in you. I might be “out there,” too “creative” and frankly, sometimes unrealistic, but until you prove me wrong, I’ll believe in you. And I will believe that for you, there is no direction you can go from here…but UP!



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