New Poem!

Your Weekend Girl

Once in a while we met.
The memory of your smile
Carried me over to the next time and
As always, time passed too quickly
For permanent roots.

So we were awkwardly tripping
Through stones and lies.
Never noting the truth of
How time flies,
And rot set into the roots.

Five meals I ate.

The first meal was smashed fruit in a corn husk.
It dripped from my heart to my mouth
To the soles of my feet.

The second meal was dark chocolate cookies
With cream enveloping my eyes, nose and throat.
The cloying scent made me gag.

The third meal gave me hives.
It was red energy drink with
Something angry at the bottom.

The fourth meal was glow worms;
The type you find in exotic places.
Glow worms do not digest well.

The last meal was lotus, mixed with ocean water
Mixed with corn and pomegranate;
Incense. Sapphires. Gold.

And I knew then that you were not eating with me.
You would never taste, smell or feel what I had experienced.
Vicariously, you watched me falter and grow.


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