The Giant


By tescoto

What do you do when you know you have failed someone?
Do you simply give in to the bitterness of the offended?
Hurt constantly drilling a hole into your Psyche until blood, then water runs?

It doesn’t help.

The offense is great, and grace….not good enough.
Is it an answer to chastise yourself? Leave burns and marks for all to see?

What, then, brings relief?

Can failure breed excellence? Can I try someday, again?
Is every moment a fleeting moment, never to be recovered?

My very soul aches with the thoughts of loss.

The death of my dreams, the death of me.

Can I place all of myself in one word?
Where do I define this word?
Is it in a thesaurus or randomly seeking me?

Words don’t suffice when the other person is withdrawn, cold, outside the circle you try to create.

No matter how much you draw them in, the circle becomes smaller and splits

Like a zygote into twins.
These twin halves lie opposite of each other;  at different poles.
Where one exists, can the other? Or do they drive each other away like magnets?

I feel you sleeping away inside of me like a giant undisturbed.
But if that giant wakes…


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