4 Food Fails


I refuse to be one of those food & nutrition bloggers who post perfectly picturesque dishes and  meals for their perfectly healthy eating family members.  Nope, you will not hear that from me!  In that spirit, I present you with 4 recent food fails!  (you’re welcome!)

My Daughter’s Lunch

So many good intentions in this one.  New bento-box lunch container from IKEA.  Super cute little sectionals.  Earthy green color.  My only complaint was it didn’t have an inclusive cooler pack, but that’s okay.  Because if it’s pretty to look at, that’s half the battle.  Packed it today for Mosaic Art Camp….. grilled chicken strips, shelled pistachios, whole wheat pretzels, fresh strawberries…. it was delightful.

What came home untouched and uneaten?  Everything except the pistachios.  UGH.

Freezer Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

Saw it on Pinterest.  Had to have it.  I personally LOVE those egg-canadian bacon-english muffin sandwiches.  Special trip to Trader Joe’s…

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